REVIEW: Here Comes My Man by Lauren Blakely


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A red-hot, enemies-to-lovers, fake boyfriend, second chance romance, and the conclusion to the Hopelessly Bromantic Duet!

Let me just say this — fake dating the cocky movie star was not my idea. Especially since he’s my former roomie and, gulp, my secret ex.

But my agent tells me I have no choice since I’m ridiculously overdue with turning in the next big blockbuster love story to my publisher.

Not to mention, ahem, writing it.

Falling for the smooth-talking English hottie once upon a time — fine, twice — were huge mistakes that I shouldn’t repeat, but pretending to like the guy who broke my heart is my only chance at saving my job.

That is, as long as no one finds out that every date we go on, every smile we flash each other for the cameras, and every hot, desperate kiss on the streets of Manhattan is absolutely fake.

Except…it’s not. At least for me.

And he can never know…

Contents Include: Snarky banter, sexy dates, hate s-e-x, seduction by a wordsmith, and two strong, stubborn, clever men determined to resist each other at all costs.

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Here Comes My Man is the second book in Lauren Blakely’s Hopelessly Bromantic Duet, and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the second half of Jude and TJ’s story. Blakely really pours her heart and soul into her MM romances, and as a reader, I can feel, through her storytelling, how much these stories mean to her creatively and her joy in telling them. Lauren’s work is always a must-read for me, her romantic comedies and contemporaries are some of my favorite stories to read. Her LGBTQ romances are just as entertaining, sexy and well written, and if you’re a fan of her traditional romances, you’ll enjoy these, too.

I listened to the audiobook of Here Comes My Man, and I was so excited to get my ears on it. Narrated in duet by Shane East and Teddy Hamilton, Blakely complemented this perfect lead pairing with a full cast. Teddy Hamilton as TJ and Shane East as Jude were absolutely fantastic from start-to-finish. Their hard-fought, third-chance love story is brimming with romantic history, heart-tugging emotion and sizzling chemistry. Blakely crafted a layered, immersive, round-the-world love story between two characters who absolutely stole my heart.

Here Comes My Man is another feather in Lauren Blakely’s LGBTQ romance cap. A charming, endearing couple, TJ and Jude’s hard-fought, swoony and scorching hot love story was a heart-racing pleasure to read. Five smooches from me for Here Comes My Man by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo




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