REVIEW: Kismet by Lauren Blakely



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When a scorching hot one-night stand with a stranger turns into a deliciously forbidden office romance…

My first evening in London feels like kismet when I bump into a charming, book-loving Englishman, and by the end of the night, he’s making me see stars. I’m floating when we make plans to meet again.

Then fate decides to pull a fast one on me.

Turns out my smoldering new lover is my red-hot competition, and we’re vying for the same promotion at the elite auction house I crossed an ocean for.

If that’s not enough, the hottie and I are forced to work together on a brand new collection.

Every. Single. Tempting. Day.

What’s an American woman in London to do?

Staying far, far away would be the safe choice, especially when I learn about his past and how it mirrors mine.

But I don’t always play it safe with my heart…

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I listened to the audiobook of Kismet by Lauren Blakely, narrated by Julia Whelan and Shane East. I just want to get this out there, but I love Shane East and his deliciously crisp British accent, and he did a fantastic job bringing Heath to life. Paired with Julia Whelan, who was effervescent in the role of Jo, Kismet was pure romance listening pleasure. The third book in the Happy Endings series, Kismet can be read as a standalone.

Kismet means fate, destiny, something that’s meant to be, and Blakely’s rendition of that vibe certainly delivered all those feels. The plot features a 40-year-old, widowed British hero and a 32-year-old quintessential New York heroine taking on a major life change via a job opportunity in London, a city that hasn’t been kind to her. Following an unforgettable hook-up that could easily have led to something much more, the two find out the next day that not only are they co-workers, but they’re pitted against each other for a promotion that they both covet. The chemistry between them was powerful, right out the gate, and given Heath’s painful history, the fact that he was so enthralled by and open to Jo was pretty moving. All the commonalities they shared between their love of art and books and how they enjoyed touring Heath’s London together added another layer to that meant-to-be vibe Blakely threaded through their whole romance.

Kismet was an incredibly romantic love story full of this wonderful right-person-at-the-right-time energy. I adore mature love stories, and Heath and Jo’s sultry yet complex romance was completely addictive one. Five smooches from me for Kismet by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo




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