REVIEW: Pretty Dependable by Lacey Black


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Being a single mom is the most challenging, yet rewarding job I’ve ever had. Especially in a small town, where everyone knows your story, or at least their version of it.

They say it takes a village, and they’re right. I’ve been lucky to have close friends to help me raise my son, Brody. One particular friend stands out above the rest. TD stepped up in a big way, teaching my son everything a father should. That’s why his friendship means so much to me. Brody and I both rely on his friendship. Any feelings I have for my sexy friend must stay buried. It’s safer that way.

Turns out, it’s much harder to do when he decides he’s done being just my friend. He wants more.


There’s nothing worse than being in lust with one of your friends. For years, I’ve been fighting my attraction to Ellie and keeping it a secret. I thought I was doing what was best for all of us.

Between working as the local police officer and coaching high school football, I’m left with very little downtime, but what I do have is spent with Ellie and her son. When I find out the seventeen-year-old boy might be working to get this football coach and his mom together, all bets are off. With Brody on my side, I’m willing to take the chance and blur the lines between friends and lovers.

I have to make her see we can have it all. Despite her reservations, I’ll show her love is worth the risk.

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No one does small-town romances quite like Lacey Black, so it’s a given that if she writes one, I’ll be reading it. Pretty Dependable is a heartstring-puller built on the solid foundation of best-friends set against the charming small-town backdrop. There was a bit of an unrequited love/pining for your best friend vibe to this story that I really loved. Lacey’s storytelling is a wonderfully addictive blend of sweet heat and small-town familiarity, and she delivered a heartfelt romance that completely captured the essence of a friendship that turns into soul-deep love. Ellie and TD’s journey was a touching, tender and totally unputdownable best-friends-to-lovers romance that I practically inhaled in a single sitting. I absolutely loved it, I love this series, and I can’t wait for more. Five smooches from me for Pretty Dependable by Lacey Black.

~Danielle Palumbo




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