REVIEW: Pretty Incredible by Lacey Black


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Hooking up with my best friend’s brother was a mistake…an unforgettable one. It’s always in the back of mind and having returned to town has brought all those feelings rushing to the surface.

This time, I’m only here to cover my dad’s patients and help run the clinic—all work and no play. I haven’t even seen Gabe Rhodes since the steamy night we shared after he rescued me from a snowstorm. I need to keep it that way. Feelings make things messy and coming home has enough complications for me.

Avoiding him is going to be harder than I thought—turns out Gabe is my new co-worker, and the gorgeous physician isn’t just sharing the practice with me. He wants to share his bed too.


Blair O’Connor is back in town, and back in my life…and if we’re not careful she’ll be back in my arms. Being forced to work next to the sexy pediatrician every day is a special kind of torture.

She keeps reminding me she’s only here for a few months—that she has a job to do. We both do. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting her. The green-eyed beauty has captivated me. I know being here isn’t easy for her, witnessing the life her dad built with a new family.

I just have to make her see there are other reasons to stay…like how good we could be together.

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I’m a long time Lacey Black reader, and her small town romances are top notch and some of my favorite things to read. She’s launched a new world in her Pine Village series, and I’m here for it! This series kicks off with Gabe and Blair’s story, and I strongly recommend that readers start with the (free!) prequel novella, Pretty Remarkable, to get this couple’s backstory, and specifically Blair’s history.

Blair left Pine Village 15 years ago a broken-hearted, angry young woman whose dream had just imploded. She returned for the first time six months earlier and connected—on every level—with Gabe. Following her father’s heart attack, she finds herself back in Pine Village, filling in for her dad at his practice and working alongside Gabe. All the chemistry and connection from that night is still there, blazing between them, but there’s an expiration date to Blair’s time in Pine Village as she has made it clear she does not plan on sticking around. Gabe hasn’t been able to get her out of his mind following their night together, though. He’s bound and determined to show her how good they can be together.

Pretty Incredible was a fabulous start to what will be another fantastic small-town romance series. Blair and Gabe’s love story was the centerpiece storyline. It was steamy, romantic and emotional, and I loved how they took it slow, building the relationship from friends to more. But this book was more than just Blair and Gabe’s romance, and Black enriched their story with the secondary plot arc of Blair and her father’s drama. The wonderful side characters were everything you expect from one of those everyone-knows-everyone-else small-town. They were gossipy yet supportive, and they elevated the story from a great one to something special.

Pretty Incredible is the start to another one of Lacey Black’s phenomenal small town series. Rooted in friends and family, full of feels and fire, Black has laid the groundwork for a fantastic series featuring endearing characters wrapped up in interesting plots and steamy romances. I loved everything about Blair and Gabe’s sweet and sexy love story, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in this series! Five smooches from me for Pretty Incredible by Lacey Black!

~Danielle Palumbo



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