REVIEW: Royally in Trouble by Meghan Quinn


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I have two responsibilities as the new heir to the throne:

1. Get married.
2. Have babies.

Sure, becoming queen one day is part of those new responsibilities, but as long as King Theo is in charge, I don’t have to add a coronation to my list.

That’s why I find myself in the throes of wedding planning, pre-wedding classes with my broody, over-protective fiancé, and counting down the days until we can finally say I do.

But with every day we grow closer to our wedding, we seem to grow apart.

Our commonalities are tested.
Our faith in each other is questioned.
And our safety is threatened.
The only thing working? The command he has over me in the bedroom.

I keep telling myself, it’ll all work out. We just need to make it to the wedding day. Except, when the day finally comes, everything falls apart.

We might have made it through the last few months together, but now I’m not sure we’re going to make it out of this alive.

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Royally in Trouble is the much anticipated sequel to Meghan Quinn’s first royal romance, Royally Not Ready. It picks up where Royally Not Ready left off with Lilly and Keller planning their wedding. Quinn’s storytelling swept me up into their whirlwind romance with a story that was sexy, amusing and a bit suspenseful. I was utterly charmed by these endearing characters, the enchanting setting, and the electric chemistry that lept off the page.

This story centers around the royal relationship between Princess Lilly, an ordinary woman who finds herself thrust into life as the only heir to the throne of Torskethrope, and Keller, the moody, broody, loyal right-hand man to the King who is struggling with the idea that he’s marrying above his station. Quinn’s vivid descriptions bring this opulent world to life, immersing readers in royal grandeur and romance. The sparkling banter and blazing passion between Keller and Lilly created wonderful tension that kept me furiously tapping my Kindle as I practically inhaled this book. As is always the case, Quinn’s writing style is engaging, witty and rich with heartfelt emotion. There was a bit more angst and drama in this half of Lilly and Keller’s story, but Quinn struck a perfect balance by blending that with humorous mishaps, steamy encounters and tender moments.

Royally in Trouble was a charming and captivating romance that will whisked me off on a royal adventure. Meghan Quinn’s skillful storytelling, lovable characters, and captivating romance make this book an unputdownable pleasure to read. Five smooches from me for Royally in Trouble in by Meghan Quinn!

~Danielle Palumbo



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