REVIEW: Sable Peak by Devney Perry


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Vera Gallagher is chasing constant. For four years, her life was anything but normal. And the years before that she refuses to even remember. Dwelling on the past only hurts. Life is fragile, a lesson her mother taught her well. She’s determined not to waste a moment of her newfound freedom.

Maybe some would consider her crush on Mateo Eden wasted time. Maybe some would call her a fool for loving a man who hasn’t once dropped a crumb of interest her way. Still, to Vera, it’s Mateo or nothing.

He’s handsome. Charming. Witty. And he loves his family the way Vera loves—with her whole heart.

Maybe he’ll never notice her. Maybe she’s too damaged, too broken, to find that normal life she craves. Maybe her secrets will always keep them apart. But Vera will love him anyway. Whether Mateo realizes it or not.

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Devney Perry saves the best for last in her fan favorite Edens series with Sable Peak. I don’t want to give a single word of this story away, so I’m going to be brief. Perry seamlessly weaves together an unrequited love story with the warmth of the Eden family and their cozy Montana small-town setting. The challenges of single parenthood pair with the complexities of the heroine’s history into a story that is as heartwarming as it was heart-wrenching. Perry’s writing was exquisite, and she drew me right into Mateo and Vera’s poignant journey as they grappled with all the hurdles in their way. She captured the small-town charm of Montana with her vivid details, creating the perfect backdrop for this slow burn love story to blossom.

As the story unfurls, Perry skillfully unraveled layers of emotion, keeping me deeply invested in these characters and their story. An emotionally resonant romance and a heartfelt exploration of unrequited love and second chances, Devney delivered a story about the healing power of love, full of crackling chemistry and genuine emotion that I simply couldn’t put down. Five smooches from me for Sable Peak by Devney Perry!

~Danielle Palumbo



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