REVIEW: The Accidental Dating Experiment by Lauren Blakely


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I’ve spent the better part of eight years resisting my best friend’s little sister. What’s one more week?

The hardest week ever when it includes a proposition to be her dating coach.

Eight years ago I fell into a secret summer fling with the bright, big-hearted Juliet before our lives went in different directions.

Now, I’m the grumpy to her sunshine on a popular dating podcast we host, and when a wealthy fan gives us a charming coastal cottage as the biggest thank you ever, we head to the town where I grew up to give it a makeover.

And find the house has only one bed.

Located under a mirrored ceiling.

To make matters even harder, the woman I’ve been pining for tells me she wants to try to find the one and would I please be her dating coach for the week?

Like hell I’ll let her date other men. I’ll coach her on three dates with me.

But the second I take her out, I don’t feel like her teacher. I feel like she’s mine, especially when the first night ends with us tangled up together in that bed.

Each night we grow closer, but this dating experiment forces me to face my greatest fear – whether a man like me is worthy of her love.

Even though I’m already head over heels for her.

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The brother’s best friend/best friend’s sibling trope is one of my favorites, and Lauren Blakely created a winner in The Accidental Dating Experiment by blending it with the fake dating/dating coach and forced proximity tropes and the charm of a small town. I downloaded the audiobook, and it kept me going as I powered an afternoon of cleaning-out my fridge and the kitchen cabinets. Productive and entertained is a win in my book! Speaking of wins in my books, Jacob Morgan and Andi Arndt’s natural chemistry was in-sync and on fire in this duet narration performance.

Light-hearted, flirty and fun, The Accidental Dating Experiment was a feel-good, falling-in-love story full of fire and all of those can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you, need-you-right-now vibes that I love! I was completely swept up in Juliet and Monroe’s passionate and playful friends-to-lovers romance and burned right through Jacob and Andi’s performance in a single afternoon binge-listen! Five smooches from me for The Accidental Dating Experiment by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo



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