REVIEW: The Game by Vi Keeland


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It started out like any other Tuesday.

I spent twelve hours writing algorithms for one of the largest companies in the world and then came home to work on a pet project of mine—feeding facts about the men I knew into a formula to find my perfect match before my twenties came barreling to a close.

But then a man knocked on my door and handed me some papers that turned my life upside down.

Apparently, a father I never knew existed had left me something in his will. That something turned out to be part ownership in a professional football team.

Next thing I knew, I was learning a sport I knew nothing about by spending time with the team’s quarterback who was out with an injury, a man who my formula would definitely determine was all wrong for me.

Christian Knox was too handsome and confident for his own good and could have any woman he wanted. Only lately the only woman he seemed to want was me.

But there was no way I was getting involved when I was now his boss, even if he was insanely gorgeous and had the dirtiest mouth I’d ever come across.

It would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

Probably. But you know what they say about things that are wrong…sometimes they feel so right.

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It just doesn’t feel like a new reading year for me if I’m not kicking it off with something from Vi Keeland. Since 2017, one of her books has either been my first read of the year or one of the first few. The Game started 2023 for me in typical Keeland fashion with a fun and heartfelt romance full of promise, passion and playful banter.

I loved the hero, Christian Knox. Behind all the cocky quarterback façade was a super sexy, teddy bear of a man with a sinful mouth and a soft heart. Bella was humble, hardworking and wholly out of her element when she inherits a professional football team. A tad forbidden thanks to the boss/star player dynamic, the chemistry between Christian and Bella was heady. The heat was high, there were twists and turns, and there was a bit of a Cinderella vibe to this romantic and racy love story.

I was swept right up into this unputdownable forbidden/sports romance from the first page. The build-up of Christian and Bella’s relationship created some delicious chemistry that practically sparked off the page. I love how Vi never gives her couples an easy go of it, and I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from her. The Game had everything I hope for when I reach for a contemporary romance. Christian was a totally swoon-worthy hero, and Bella was an endearing heroine, charming side characters, an intriguing storyline with some trials and tribulations, some angsty emotion tempered with well-timed punches of humor and a heck of a lot of heat. Keeland starts the year strong with an absolutely addictive love story in The Game. Five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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