REVIEW: The Woman by the Lake by Kristen Ashley


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Nadia Williams needs somewhere peaceful to sort through her grief after her mother is brutally murdered. She finds a cozy cabin at the side of a tranquil lake in the quaint town of Misted Pines in the Pacific Northwest.

The minute she arrives, she knows it’s perfect.

The very night of her arrival, however, someone—or something—is scratching at her window.

The next morning, she meets her one and only neighbor, Doc Riggs. He’s a rough, good-time guy who rubs Nadia wrong immediately. They clash, and neither of them are happy to be sharing their lake.

But soon, Nadia learns the lore around her cabin, and how the townsfolk are certain it’s haunted by the ghost of the man who was murdered there fifteen years before.

Riggs and Nadia are suddenly thrown into a tangled web of history, betrayal, grief, secrets, with only one thing certain.

Someone—or something—wants them off that lake.


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A masterful blend of romance and thriller, Kristen Ashley weaves a gripping tale of love and suspense in The Woman by the Lake. Set in the quaint town of Misted Pines, this story follows new resident, Nadia, a resilient and spirited heroine grappling with the tragic loss of her mother, and Riggs, her gruff but endearing general contractor neighbor who is seemingly beloved by everyone in town—except her. Ashley’s storytelling prowess was on point as she effortlessly peeled back the complex emotional layers of these characters, creating a riveting narrative that was as heart-wrenching as it was heartwarming. New neighbors Nadia and Riggs’ first encounter tees-up an enemies-to-lovers romance that crackled with tension.

New neighbors Nadia and Riggs’ first encounter was the perfect jumping off point to enemies-to-lovers romance. The chemistry between Nadia and Riggs was electric and crackling with tension, and their interactions were filled with witty banter and steamy moments. But the intriguing mystery of the suspense plot is what kept me on the edge of my seat, and KA expertly balanced those suspenseful elements with the natural build-up of the romance. The thrilling twists and turns of the mystery plot added an interesting and exciting layer to the story that, coupled with their sexy romance, made Nadia and Riggs’ journey to lovers all the more satisfying. An enthralling and unforgettable romantic thriller, The Woman by the Lake was a completely captivating and utterly addictive read. Five smooches from me for The Woman by the Lake by Kristen Ashley.

~Danielle Palumbo




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