REVIEW: Turn Me On by Lauren Blakely


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The first rule of being an attorney is don’t sleep with your clients.

The second rule is–see the first rule.

Those guidelines don’t account for a man like Zane Archer though. The major leaguer is all confidence and big D energy as he swaggers into my life one night at a hotel bar, determined to spend the night with “the sexy suit,” as he calls me.

I’m so damn tempted to say yes, especially when my new client devastates me with a scorching kiss that has me reconsidering all my life choices.

The catch? If I tear up the rule book, my reputation as a lawyer to the most bankable stars in pro sports is on the line. Including my new goal of striking the deal of a lifetime for him — one he desperately needs to take care of his family.

Instead, I fight like hell to stay professional as I work closely with the man I can’t have.

But the more time we spend together, the more his irresistible charm threatens to break my resolve . . . right along with my heart.

TURN ME ON is a red-hot, MM, forbidden sports romance between a sports agent and an athlete…

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I love all of Lauren Blakely’s books—seriously, I’ve enjoyed every single one I’ve read. Her romantic comedies and contemporaries are my favorites, but let me tell you, her M/M romances are giving the others a run for their money. These are some seriously sexy, steamy, romantic and emotional M/M romances. I listened to the audiobook, and Jacob Morgan and Teddy Hamilton’s masterful narration truly brought these characters to life. Their natural chemistry produced a fantastic performance and, coupled with this addictive romance, made for an unputdownable story. You’re going to want to have a second pair of earbuds ready to go so you don’t have to pause to recharge.

Zane Archer is a young professional baseball player and Maddox LeGrande is his new agent. Their chemistry sizzled right from the start, but the forbidden nature of their professional relationship was a definite stumbling block to the budding romantic connection. Agent slash attorney Maddox knows how to strike a deal, and Zane’s competitive nature doesn’t let him give up. There was a will, they just needed to find the way. With all the heat blazing between them, though, it was never a matter of if, but when, they’d figure it all out.

Thoughtfully plotted, perfectly paced and richly developed, Turn Me On was a smoking hot, totally swoony forbidden romance. I was completely captivated by Jacob Morgan and Teddy Hamilton’s performances, and I devoured the audiobook in a day. Five smooches from me for Turn Me On by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo



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