REVIEW: Wild Side by Lacey Black


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Last man standing. I’ve watched all three of my friends fall in love with no desire to ever follow in their footsteps. Collectively, we own the hottest restaurant, bar, and brewery in town. They are a few of the places I find peace, a refuge against this cruel world. When I’m on the stage playing music, everything just seems to fade away.

Until I saw her.

She was sitting in the crowd, a bright, beautiful ray of light, fighting against the darkness surrounding me. I do everything I can to keep her in the friend-zone, but she’s making it difficult.

I don’t just want her; I need her.


The first moment I saw him on the stage I knew he was different. Rough, tattooed, and with the voice of an angel, he was playing guitar and singing a song about love and hurt. I was captivated, completely drawn to the emotions I saw in those warm whiskey eyes. From that moment on, I felt compelled to be his friend.

He didn’t make it easy.

The boundaries between friendship and relationship start to blur, and even though he fights me every step of the way, I can’t help the way I feel. I promised him I’d always be his friend.

Now I want more.

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I’m really loving Lacey Black’s Burgers &  Brüe Crew series, but for me that’s par for the course with her. I’ve read all her books, and when it comes to small town romances, Lacey’s are the ones I seem to reach for first when I want to get lost in the drama and familiarity of a close-knit community. Charming small towns, endearing characters, sweet and steamy romances entwined in fun, engaging plots are what make Lacey’s stories so memorable.

Jameson and Madelyn’s story was emotional but not overly angsty. Jameson has a bit of a heartbreaking history, and because of it, he tends to be a bit closed off. His overall demeanor seems to be perpetually set to grumpy, but the more time he spends with Madelyn, the more his sweet and tender tendencies start to come out. Madelyn’s backstory wasn’t exactly easy either, but she’s left that life behind and built a new life with a family of supportive friends for herself. She’s independent and can be a bit headstrong at times, but she sees Jameson in a way that no one else does. They strike up a fast friendship, but the smoking hot chemistry between them is difficult to ignore and benefits are added to their friendship. Jameson always swore that he wouldn’t follow in his friends’ footsteps and fall in love, but everything about his feelings for and this relationship with Madelyn is different.

Wild Side was a slow burn friends-to-lovers romance that stole my heart. Full of feels, flirty banter and a friendship set on fire, Madelyn and Jameson’s love story was simply unputdownable. Five smooches from me for Wild Side by Lacey Black!

~Danielle Palumbo



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