Dec 11

Rory by Jordan Marie Review



Noah was everything to me.

When we were together, the world faded away.
He made me remember the girl I used to be.

Being with him, helped me find myself.

But, our love was like a war—
Each side fighting for survival.

I still crave his touch.
He still wants my body.

But Noah’s out for revenge.

I’m tired of fighting.
I don’t have a battle plan.
I’m just stuck in the crossfire with no way out…

This is the ending to the story that began in Diesel: Savage Brothers MC—Tennessee Chapter. You will need to read that book first to understand this book. It is recommended you read the series in order.

This book will bring you away from the cliff and hopefully make you stop cursing the author.



For me, the bar by which I measure any MC romance is set by Jordan Marie. Her writing always blows me away with the sheer intensity of emotion and the dramatic plots. Jordan Marie’s talent as an author truly shines in these types of stories, and it’s because her creativity in them is unparalleled. A gifted storyteller, she has this innate, natural ability for telling difficult, powerful and gripping stories, and she draws her readers into them with vividly portrayed, richly developed and dynamic plots. Her bikers are hardened, complex alpha males, who are fiercely loyal and love hard, play harder and don’t blink before moving to protect their own. She pairs them with strong, resilient, independent women who have survived their own hardships and are able to stand strong in the face of whatever adversity Jordan puts in their path to happily ever after. While they’re definitely beautiful love stories in their own right, these are not sweet and romantic tales. This kind of love is hard fought and harder won, with mountains of tumultuous emotions that are just as harrowing as whatever danger there is in the story for the couple to overcome.

Diesel is the first book in the Love and War duet, a romantic saga within Jordan Marie’s Savage Brothers MC—Tennessee Chapter series. That book ended at a particularly tense moment in the story, and Rory picks up the couple’s journey. I’m not going to go into any detail at all about the plot because anything I say would be a spoiler, and this is the kind of story that a reader really needs to go into blind so they can experience the full impact of the unfolding story exactly as the author intends. All I will say is that, in true Jordan Marie style, the Love and War duet was gritty, raw and intense. It was an emotional rollercoaster of dramatic highs and misery-laden lows punctuated by heartbreaking twists and spine-tingling turns. Both Diesel and Rory’s backstories are steeped with evil, manipulation and betrayal. This love story was shocking, hair-raising, and at times, even frustrating, and it left me completely gutted at times. But passion—in every sense of the word—overflowed from these pages, and I honestly couldn’t read fast enough. Rory and Diesel’s love story was a collision of emotion, lust, desperation and redemption, and it was an absolutely riveting, thoroughly exhilarating and heart-pounding tale.

While some readers may not like the idea of a story told over two parts, having read both books now, I firmly believe that anything less would not have done these characters or their story justice. This was the type of story where I was either at the edge-of-my-seat or up and pacing the floor, Kindle in hand, as I read it. I was anxious, I was excited, I got chills, I fell in love and I ran through the entire gauntlet of my emotions as I’m sure was the author’s plan all along. Jordan Marie did what she does best and sent me on a trip through the emotional wringer before piecing me back together again, and I loved every single moment of it. A stand out for 2018, the Love and War Duet easily earns a spot on my top favorites list for the year. Five stars from me for Rory by Jordan Marie!

~Danielle Palumbo