Mar 06

Runaway Road by Devney Perry Review


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Londyn McCormack didn’t have a typical childhood. She ran away from home at sixteen, escaping parents more interested in drugs than their daughter. She doesn’t have loving siblings or an adorable pet. Her only family is the five other runaway kids who shared her junkyard home.

Life pulled them all in separate directions, taking her to Boston. For a short time, she thought she’d found something permanent. But after a devastating divorce, she’s running away again, this time to find a lost friend.

She’s driving across the country in her convertible. As a teenager, the rusty car was her shelter. As an adult, it’s her ride to freedom.

Except one flat tire derails her trip. Her life collides with Brooks Cohen. They walked away from the first crash. The second might destroy them both.

* * * * * * * * * *


I am so happily hungover from this fantastic, feel-good tale. Devney Perry left me utterly gob-smacked by Londyn and Brooks’ love story in the best possible way. This story, oh this wonderful love story, was exactly what I wanted to read exactly at a time when I needed to read it. Perry has said that this series was inspired by her favorite childhood series, The Boxcar Children. I remember reading those stories myself, and obviously with some adult themes and a romantic spin, I totally got those vibes and loved it.

It seems like Londyn McCormack has been running nearly her whole life, and this story starts with her about to embark on a cross-country trek to out-run the latest disappointment in a life that, at her young age, is already full of them. Fate and a flat tire leave her stranded in Summers, West Virginia, and there she gets her first real taste of a sweet, idyllic life unlike anything she has ever known.

Brooks Cohen is the epitome of a southern gentleman. Throw in the fact that he is tall, jaw-droppingly handsome and kind, and this man had me swooning on the side of the road right along with Londyn. He’s a good man to his core. His life has been nothing like Londyn’s, but he passes no judgment on her and accepts her for all that she is. As impressed by her mettle as he is taken with her beauty, Brooks truly admires Londyn’s wanderlust spirit.

I loved these this couple so, so much. Their effortless banter, the delicious slow-burn tension between them, the mutual respect they had for each other were the sparks of an electrifying, soul-deep connection, and I simply couldn’t get enough of their interactions, their attraction, the lust and the longing. I don’t want to say much more about this story, except that it’s a completely original, one-of-a-kind, gorgeously told story full of all the best feels. I think readers should to go into Runaway Road not knowing much more than what is revealed in the blurb so they can experience the rush of emotions and the unfolding of this story organically.

Heart-warming, with just enough angst and a bit of suspense, Runaway Road had me glued to my Kindle as I devoured it in a single sitting. Cover to cover, this captivating, endearing and romantic love story did a number on my heart at it raced, ached, yearned or burned the whole way through. Devney Perry has outdone herself with what was clearly a labor of love, and readers are in for a treat with this addictively well written, thoroughly engrossing romance.  Without question, this is a top favorite for the year, and I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next book in the series. Runaway Road gets five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo



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