Jun 09

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lauren Blakely Review



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Look, she started it.

She issued me a challenge I couldn’t back down from. Make her purr like no man has done before.

Fine, she’s my business partner’s daughter. All right, I’m also working in the same damn practice with her. Yes, she happens to be my ex-fling. But that was seven years ago, and it was barely a week-long thing.

Except, Sloane is still the one I can’t stop thinking of — brilliant, sexy, captivating Sloane. Maybe a week of taking her to new heights will get her out of my head.

So what if we spend a few nights on the town too? So what if I romance her across Manhattan? It’s all in the name of scientific pursuit of more magnificent Os.

Until the rules change…

* * * * * * * * * *


I’m an unapologetic, loud-and-proud Lauren Blakely fangirl, and I make no bones about it. She writes the books I want to read, the books I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for, the ones that are at the top of my to-be-read list. I love all her books, but of all the goodness she delivers, her male-point-of-view romances are my absolute favorite thing to read. There is something so genuine and authentic about the way she takes readers into the mind of the hero, telling the story from his perspective. I simply can’t get enough of these stories from her, and the second I learned that this book would be a male POV romantic comedy – Blakely’s first in two years – it rocketed right to the top of my most anticipated books of the year list.

As a romance reader, I’m also a big fan of tropes, and boy, do I love a good second chance. Satisfaction Guaranteed isn’t just a good one, though, it kicks that trope up a notch because both the heroine and the hero consider the other “the one who got away.” Seven years earlier, fate gave them a taste of sweet paradise, only for reality to step in and rip it away in a heartbreaking right person/wrong time scenario. From the moment Malone first sees Sloane strolling towards him on the street, I felt this couple’s palpable chemistry bubbling up between them. It wasn’t only physical, though, they’re both also still harboring some very strong feelings for each other. Sloane and Malone were in sync in so many ways, but ultimately, the sexual tension they skirted around became undeniable. Fate—in the form of Sloane’s father—steps in again forcing them to figure out a way to finish what they started seven years earlier.

I devoured this romance, my heart thumping with giddy pleasure as I completely immersed myself in the experience of reading a Blakely romantic comedy. Music plays a huge role in this story, and with each song that Malone crooned to a crowd or to Sloane, I queued it up on my phone to listen along. One of my favorite things about Blakely’s writing is her attention to detail. She always gives her readers a fully-fleshed out, richly developed plot, but what make her stories so consuming are the quirky and fun little details she peppers into them. I always learn something new reading her books, and I look forward to these interesting facts nearly as much as I do the romance. These are the things that make a couple unique, the things they do or experience together that become part of the fabric of their relationship. This extra layer of character development is something that is often overlooked in other romances, but never in one of Blakely’s.

Brimming with effortlessly sexy banter, combustible chemistry and a solid foundation of friendship, Satisfaction Guaranteed ticked off all my must-haves in a perfect romcom straight out of the gate. Blakely stepped it up by pairing a confident, smart heroine and an utterly charming, completely swoon-worthy hero in a very naughty, slightly forbidden relationship with just enough angst to have me pining patiently, not painfully. At times, I couldn’t turn the pages of this book fast enough, and at others I was doing my best to slow down in order to make this sweet and romantic story last. I had high expectations going into this book, and Lauren exceeded them earning this book a spot as one of my top favorites of the year. Five smooches from me for Lauren Blakely’s Satisfaction Guaranteed.

~Danielle Palumbo





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