Apr 30

Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G. Review


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Just friends.
We’re just friends.
No, really. She’s just my best friend… 

Arizona Turner has been my best friend since fourth grade, even when we “hated” each other. We’ve been there for one another through first kisses, first “times,” and we’ve been each other’s constant when good relationships turned bad. (We even went to colleges that were minutes away from each other…)

Throughout the years, and despite what anyone says, we’ve never crossed the line.

Never thought about it.
Never wanted to.

Until one night changed everything.
At least, it should’ve …


Just friends.
We’re just friends.
I’m only saying this until I figure out if she’s still “just” my best friend…


OMG!  When I found out about Sincerely, Carter I was so freaking excited.  I am a huge Whitney G. fan and when I found out it was a best friends to lovers romance I was literally dying for it.  And then I started it and was like EEEEP!  This one is funny, sexy, and NA!  That is a fabulous combination in my opinion!

Carter and Ari have been friends since they were in fourth grade.  They have no secrets and share everything with each other; from first kiss to the first time they each had sex.  One single day changes everything for these two best best buddies.  And once they realize that the other is attractive, sparks fly, feelings emerge, and boy it gets sexy!

“I think you’re sexy as fuck, and if you weren’t my best friend, and this wasn’t a dream, I’d totally fuck you right now…”

Right off the bat I loved both Arizona and Carter.  They were both so funny and good to each other and loyal which makes for the best friends to lovers romance, if you ask me.  I loved their witty banter and really sweet relationship.

“Would you like me better if I was modest?”

“I’d like you better if you were honest.”

I really really enjoyed the letters, texts and emails in this book.  I do love when a book has a lot of different forms of communication and this book was loaded with them from the time that these two were just munchkins.  You get to see some very special and hilarious moments between these two in letters and such and it really added to the story.

The best part of this novel was them coming together in an actual relationship though!  It was smoking hot and angsty and had me on edge.  There is always a good does of drama in these types of novels and I was waiting on pins and needles for the shit to hit the fan on this one.

“For years, I’d never understood what it meant when people said they felt like laughing and crying at the same time, until now.”

Lord, I really do love me a Whitney book.  They always make me giggle, blush, and wish that they would never end.  If you are looking for a funny NA book with some good angsty bits then you definitely need to pick this one up.  It was just so fun!