Jun 06

Stolen Course by Aly Martinez Review


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**Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone.**

I fell in love with Manda Baker eight years ago, and I loved her to the core of her soul. We were supposed to have that elusive happily ever after and spend a lifetime together. But that was all before she was STOLEN from me.

Her best friend, Sarah Erickson, killed her. It wasn’t intentional. It was far worse. Everyone claims it was just an accident, but I can see through the lies. Even if it’s with my dying breath, I will make her pay for what she did.

Fate hates me. It robbed me of my first love and left me to navigate through this world emotionless and numb. Then, one day, spiteful fate gave me a woman to fill my shattered soul and make me feel again. It gave me Emma Jane Erickson. Now I spend my days searching for the answers that will ruin Sarah and my nights falling in love with her sister—the one person who is bound and determined to save her.

But what happens when everything you know to be true explodes around you? Who will be left to pick up the pieces, and who will need to be saved from the wreckage?


OH MY GOD!  I loved this book so much.  It was just as good as the first in this series, Changing Course.  This is the second book in this series and it can definitely be read as a standalone.  However, you do not want to miss out on Changing Course because it rocks and it gives you insight into this extremely drama filled story from the beginning.  Reading Changing Course will also help you love Caleb and I feel like that is important since he acts like an asshole much of this book.

You learn in Changing Course that Caleb lost his fiancé in a car accident 5 years ago and has basically been sexing it up with woman after woman, not really committing to anyone.  He just cannot get over Manda and he cant forgive the woman who he blames for her death; Sarah Erickson.  Sarah has finally reached a point in Stolen Course that she is forced to get help for her mental problems, so her baby sister, Emma Jane Erickson, moves closer to Sarah to help her recovery.  Caleb and Emma have an instant connection but both have strong reservations because of Caleb’s hate for Sarah.

I feel like I could write a whole book on how I feel about Caleb.  His character is so complex.  The poor guy is so miserable and hell bent on revenge that you cannot help but feel sorry for him even though he is a complete asshole most of the time.  He is literally ate up with hate and cannot find a way out of it.  He has been living this way for years and although he wants to change for Emma, it almost seems impossible.


Behind all of this hate and misery is a man who wants happiness.  He can see it with Emma and there is not a question that he wants her for the long term, but it so hard to picture them together with all of the hate that he has for her sister.  Talk about angsty…so much drama.  I absolutely loved it.  So, Caleb has the number one attribute for a spectacular book boyfriend; he is tortured.  Next up, he is super alpha and sexy.  Lord he dirty talks and bosses like nobodies business and I adored it!

“See, I’m greedy, Emmy.  I’m going to make that tight cunt of yours come on my hand, my mouth, and my cock tonight.”

Sweet baby Jesus!  Yes, please!

And Emmy is his perfect match.  She doesn’t take any shit and she is just as dominant and bossy as Caleb.  She is strong in the wake of his weakness.  She isn’t insecure or put off by his love for Manda.  She embraces it and loves him for it.  She loves her sister and won’t back down from helping her for Caleb.  She is loyal, honest, and hilarious.  Her and Caleb’s verbal sparring made me laugh out on many occasion.

“And let’s be honest here–they make lifetime movies about shit less dramatic than our relationship.”

So, in conclusion, this book was amaze-balls.  It was sexy and had a beautiful story of moving on and gaining some closure.  If you read the first book in this series you will definitely need to read this one because there was some very important information regarding the accident  disclosed in this book that brought a lot of people the closure they needed to move on.  I really did just love this book.  I cannot wait for more from Aly.



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