Mar 02

Talk Dirty To Me by Lulu Wright Review


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Mark Carrington already broke my heart once.

This sexy, temperamental playboy might dominate the major leagues, but there’s no way in hell I’m letting him play ball with my heart again.

Until I find myself facing him down every morning on our new radio show, and his undeniable hotness starts to break down my resistance–and almost erase all the memories of how he dumped me back in high school.

We’ve both grown up since then, and now Mark is even more gorgeous and infuriating than ever. But I can’t get away from him–not when my beloved alternative rock station depends on his sexy ass to avoid getting bought out by a greedy corporation.

But when he corners me in the production room to compliment my sexy radio voice and admire my David Bowie T-shirt, it’s all I can do to keep my clothes on and my hands off of him. So I don’t.

And the more I get to know him, the more I realize he’s hiding a big heart behind all that swagger. And the deeper we get, the deeper I fall.


Rose and Mark have a history together. Each of them  have a different idea on how things were back in high school but either way Rose was left feeling hurt and broken hearted. Rose is adamant she won’t let Mark into her heart (or panties) again! But when Mark has to work at her radio station for a few weeks, things definitely start to heat up between them and staying apart from each other isn’t as easy as Rose thought it would be. And the longer they spend together, maybe Rose doesn’t want to be apart from Mark at all? 

“I have reached a new level of mad, sad horniness.”

This was such a fun, flirty, entertaining read. It really kept me laughing the whole way through and the chemistry and back and forth banter between Mark and Rose was so much fun to read! 

“He pulls me close to him and his hot, naked chest against mine drives me wild. I can feel every inch of those pecs on my tits, his washboard abs hard against my stomach, digging into me, our hip bones colliding.”

Rose was a great character for me. She was feisty and sassy. Despite the spark between her and Mark, she wasn’t about to roll over and forgive everything with just a few of Mark’s smiles and flirty behaviour. She really stood up for herself and gave just as good as she got!   

“I want her to beg for my cock. I want her to lose track of the world, she’s so lost in ecstasy. I want to watch her come again and again and know it’s me driving her mad…and I want to hear her say she wants to be here with me too.”

I feel like Mark might be marmite for some people. I did liked Mark, I thought he was funny and cocky and confident which are things I find attractive in our heroes (in the right measure of course) but I could see why some people might get annoyed by the things he says. I personally really enjoyed his and Rose’s connection when they were on the radio and he was definitely a flirty, sexy, make-you-want-to-drop-your-panties kind of male lead! 

“My hands squeeze into fists and so does my heart. I am back in a swirl of anxiety and sadness. I hear Geo’s words in my head as she fed me the best s’mores she ever made. “You got this, Rose.”

Yeah. I got this. I am a Rose, which means I’ve got thorns.”

This was such an easy read that you could enjoy on a Sunday afternoon, when what your looking for is a fun, sexy read. It will make you laugh, smile, sigh, maybe shed a few tears and shake your kindle in anger, but generally you will leave this story feeling happy and romantic.