Nov 19

The Bachelor Contract by Rachel Van Dyken

4.5 Smooches


She’s everywhere.


Love of his life.

The last person in the world he wanted to see…ever.

And now that he’s working beside her every day, he can’t escape her. Her scent, glimpses of her smile, even the tension in the air that makes his body hum with the kind of need he’d only experienced with one person-all of it is driving him over the edge.

Brant Wellington was certain of three things:

Alcohol wasn’t going to solve this.

He really was losing his F-ing mind.

And his gorgeous ex-wife was going to be the death of him.


While this is the third book in The Bachelor’s Of Arizona series this is only the second one I have read. I missed the second and sadly didn’t have time to catch up before this one was available. I can honestly say though that compared to the first in the series this one is definitely my favorite of the two. The Bachelor’s Contract is a second chance romance that has you rooting for NIkki to get the HEA she most definitely deserved.

After a whirlwind romance ended with the saddest of divorces both Brant and Nikki’s lives have been damaged beyond repair. Brant turned into an unfeeling manwhore and Nikki was left with wounds impossible to heal. After being forced back into each other’s lives by everyone’s favorite scheming grandma, Nadine for those longtime fans of the author, they have to face their past and acknowledge that the love they once shared might not be dead.

I absolutely love a second chance romance and Rachel Van Dyken has delivered an epic one wrapped up in a fun story. There were so many fun moments and the cast of characters has me desperate for more, please tell me that Cole is getting a book, please. If you want a second chance romance that has an amazing plot with a few twist and turns but not too much angst than this is the book you want to curl up with.