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The Billionaire Book Club by Max Monroe Review

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The Billionaire Book Club Questionnaire


#1: Who is your least favorite character in the book?

Me—Caplin Hawkins. I am an absolute idiot.


#2: Who is your favorite character?

Gorgeous, addictive, insanely challenging Ruby.

She’s smart, driven, self-confident, and so beautiful, she makes my chest ache.


#3 What is your biggest takeaway from the story?

Ruby Rockford and I are meant to be.

I just have to prove it to her.


For the entirety of my adult life, I’ve been content.

Content in my single lifestyle, content in my stressful-but-extremely-successful job as the main corporate counsel for almost every Fortune 500 company in North America, and content in my playful, spontaneous ways.


I had no idea it was possible for someone to change my mind.


The endless women and work are no longer enough, and just as Ruby Rockford told me—it’s about time I grow up.


It’s going to take a strategic attack from more than a couple brilliant minds to win her affection, but luckily, I know exactly where to find the right guys for the job…

The Billionaire Book Club.


It’s safe to say that I, Caplin Hawkins, the man most women would call The Ultimate Player, have finally met my match, and man oh man, has my end game changed.


I’m coming for you, Ruby.

And soon, you’ll be coming for me, too.


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I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I’m not easing into it, I’m not beating around the bush, I’m just going to own it – I fluffing love Max Monroe. Their books, plain and simple, just make me happy. Creative, imaginative plots, endearing, relatable characters and romances that are as heart-tugging as they are heart-racingly sexy, Max and Monroe deliver the goods every single time. Uproariously hilarious comedy that skims the edge of ridiculous, the humor in their stories is unparalleled. This is the kind of stuff that will have you laughing audibly, snorting out your hilarity for all to hear, so consider yourself warned should you attempt reading their books in public.

I laughed the entire way through this romantic comedy. While The Billionaire Book Club is a complete standalone, if you’ve read The Billionaire Boss Next Door or My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend, you’ve met the insufferably cocky, womanizing playboy, Caplin Hawkins. I’ll be honest, because it isn’t anything the authors haven’t heard before, but I went into this not really liking Cap—not even really wanting to like him. But this guy… he wore me down. He was a blundering, ill-intentioned mess for most of the book for crying out loud! And still—STILL—I wound up loving the guy. That’s the thing, though, it’s exactly these kinds of redemptions that are the sweetest and most rewarding.

Ruby Rockford was her own kind of mess, though, too. Busy, busy, busying herself through life, she seemed to have forgotten not only how to have fun, but to actually follow through and do it. She didn’t know what to make of Cap and his nonsense, and boy, did she ever fight him and their chemistry hard. She gave him a run for his money, and I absolutely loved how she didn’t fawn all over Cap or fall at his feet like every single woman before her. She was precisely the ego-check this maniac needed! For all of Cap’s absurdity, though, he was exactly the breath of life that Ruby needed.

The Billionaire Book Club was classic Max Monroe—a fabulous blend of sweet, sexy romance and side-splitting, laugh-yourself-silly, smiling ear-to-ear humor that readers have come crave this author. An exceptionally well executed, light-hearted pleasure to read, I devoured this book until my abs, cheeks and throat all ached from my laughter. Five smooches from me for The Billionaire Book Club by Max Monroe!

~Danielle Palumbo





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