Mar 09

The Deep End by Kristen Ashley Review


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Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are pleasure slaves committed to fulfilling a woman’s every desire. At the elite Honey club, no boundary will be left untested, and one’s darkest desires will become a sensual reality.

Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him craves the lifestyle offered by this secret, exclusive club.

When Amèlie invites Olivier to surrender, she pushes him to explore his deepest desires as a submissive. As they grow closer and find themselves falling harder than either of them anticipated, the truth about Olivier’s past could threaten the budding relationship they both long for.

Gripping and seductive, The Deep End is the first book in a sensational new series from bestselling author Kristen Ashley.




Well, I certainly didn’t know what to expect from this new series from the absolute queen of romance Kristen Ashley.  I admit. I’ve read all of her books.  I love them.  I devoured them.  But when I heart about The Honey Series, I was like what the what?  How is this gonna work?  KA writes alpha, the very best alphas out there.  How can she write a submissive man?  I plenty of reservations gong in, but I couldn’t give up the opportunity to read a Kristen Ashley book, no matter how bad I thought it might be.  And I am so glad that I didn’t, because I loved this book.  Hard.  Thank you KA for making a fool out of me.  I don’t mind a bit because this book was everything and more.

I have a feeling this author coined the term alpha-sub because I have never it before.  That didn’t stop me from loving it, though.  This book had all of the feels that this author normally gives me and so so much more because god, was it sexy.  Like unbelievably hot!  Like the kinda hot that makes you wake your husband up in the middle of night.  There was quite a bit of sexy time in The Deep End, but I felt it was all pertinent to the telling of the story.  And while I loved the heroine, Amelie, nothing compared to Oliver.  I love his protectiveness.  How torn he was about how he felt about things.  How freaking steamy every scene was with him.

Another 5 star book from KA!  A fantastic start to another series that I’ll be picking up right away.  So excited to see what she has in store for us in future books.