Sep 08

The End Game by Kate McCarthy Review


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“Professional athletes are pillars of their respective communities. They are heroes in the eyes of boys and girls and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that positively represents their community.”

The public loves a good scandal. Seeing someone fall from the pinnacle of success makes a great headline. No one knows that better than I do. What started out as a promising career in college football, spiraled into scandal and shame.

But being a hero is easier said then done. Especially when there are those who expected to see the great Brody Madden fail. I craved nothing except being the best—willing to do anything to prove them wrong. But I went too far, and I tried too hard, and it broke me.

“At the time of going to print, Jordan Elliott was unavailable for comment.”

I met Brody Madden in my senior year of college. An Australian native on an international scholarship, I was the female soccer sensation with stars in her eyes and no room for a hotshot wide receiver with a chip on his shoulder.

But a heart bursting with ambition and a driving fire to succeed isn’t made of stone. I became his strength, his obsession, and the greatest love of his life. Only I wasn’t there when he needed me most.

This is a story about love and a game that takes everything. Where the path to glory is paved with sacrifice. Where pressure makes you, or breaks you, and triumph is born in the ashes of failure. Where two people’s end game will change everything.


“They say your entire life is mapped out on the palm of your hand.”

Few authors have the unique ability to make me feel.  Like REALLY feel.  The kind of feels that vary from chapter to chapter.  You know what I am talking about.  The feels that make you stupidly smile at your kindle while you are reading in public and everyone is just staring at you like your are crazy.  The feels that make you try to hold in a gut wrenching sob.  The feels that make you so happy that you are smiling through your tears.  Kate McCarthy is one of those few authors.  Her words evoke such strong emotions in me and when I am done reading her books, I miss her characters like they are friends or family.  You get to experience the heart of her characters through her words.  And The End Game is Kate McCarthy at the top of her game.

“Don’t go,” he whispers, and his voice cracks with so much pain it squeezes my chest.  “You made me want you and need you, and now I can’t live without you anymore.  Not for a single second.”

Oh, God.  That cover, the blurb, the teasers, nothing quite prepared me for The End Game.  I was thinking I was going to be getting a typical NA college sports romance.  But no, this was so much MORE.  This is NOT the usual I want to be the best sports star pursuing the good girl romance.  This is the story of two persevering athletes that HAVE to be the best.  This isn’t a choice for them.  Along the way of relentlessly pursing their dreams and goals they fall in love.  It isn’t really the right time, the right place, or a perfect situation at all but love cannot be stopped, not even for dreams of playing in the NFL or winning The World Cup.

“All I’ve ever wanted is to be the best.  Whatever it takes.  I’ll do anything.  That’s how I’ll ruin us, Jordan.  How can something so sweet survive a sentiment so dark?”

I tell you what.  I had no idea where this book was going and I found myself so shocked a few times.  I would literally put my kindle down and be like that did not just happen.  Brody’s story is probably the most surprising.  It is dark and sad and it made me want to hug and protect this big man.  And Jordan, well she is probably one of my most favorite heroines ever.  She is strong, independent, and when she makes a mistake she admits it.  She is the strength to Brody’s weakness.  Nothing makes me love a heroine more than her ability to stand by her man and Jordan does that and more.  I loved her.  She is everything.

“We’re opposites, you and I.  I’m weak.  But you…” he shakes his head “…your strength is like the sun, Jordan.  It feeds me.  And if you don’t let me go.  I’ll just use it all up until you have nothing left.”


Yes, this book  had my emotions just all over the place but there was also much needed laughter and fun times through out,  I also really found myself enjoying the side characters as well and I am seriously hoping that Kate will come through with some of their stories.  I feel like one in particular needs a book definitely.  (coughjaxcough)

I cannot express enough that you must pick this one up.  It is one of my favorites of 2015 so far.  The End Game is a story full of hope, and dreams, and struggle.  It is as tragic as it is beautiful.  This one was a touchdown for me!

“I need to believe in something.”

“Then believe in yourself.”