Dec 06

The Lineup by Meghan Quinn Review


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Want to know a secret?

It’s about that girl over there.
Don’t look, but she’s the one in the power suit—with the long, black hair and the serious expression, the one I’m about to go on a date with . . .

Yeah, according to her, she “accidentally” donated an obscene amount of money to my charity — The Lineup — to win said date but I found out the truth. Miss. Button Up Blouse has a secret, passionate crush on me.

I didn’t know her name until two days ago, despite the friends we have in common.
Was I oblivious? Probably.
Was I blind to it? Definitely.

But I’m no fool, I see it now. The High Heel Harlot wants more than just a date with Jason Orson, she wants to be able to claim the best butt in baseball as hers.

Here’s another secret . . . she has no idea I know.

* * * * * * * * * *


Meghan pens the most addictive and engaging love stories, and I simply can’t get enough of them. She pulls me right into her stories with plots that are full of her fantastic sense of humor about these wonderfully endearing characters and their passionate romances. These are not simple, straightforward romantic comedies, though. While they definitely have a romcom vibe, Quinn doesn’t hesitate to run her readers through the wringer with the amount emotion she builds into her stories. They’re so funny and clever, and while I know some sort of emotional roller coaster is coming, the depth of feeling I experience still takes me by surprise when it arrives. She manages to do this to me – takes me by surprise with all these feels – every single time. It’s brilliant, and I love how she does this for me with her storytelling so consistently.

The Lineup was a mashup of some of my favorite tropes. A new adult baseball romance, it was part enemies-to-lovers, part second-chance romance with a splash of secret crush, and it all came together perfectly in this couple’s story. Dottie, a powerhouse in the boardroom is laser-focused on her career and known to be somewhat ruthless professionally, which unsurprisingly sometimes spills over to her personal life. She tends to be a bit guarded and distrustful—but she’s got good reason. While she and Jason were in college at the same time and had the same group of friends, she was nursing a crush on him that kept her in the background. Jason is a unicorn—there’s simply no other way to describe this unique and special man. He was a refreshing blend of sensitive, silly, smart, sweet and selfless—all wrapped up in an irresistibly sexy package. A pro baseball player, he was recently traded and is now back in his hometown of Chicago and reunited with the rest of his college friends.

Jason and Dottie had this natural chemistry, and I loved how Jason’s ridiculousness wore down the buttoned-up, serious Dottie. But there I was, cruising toward their happily ever after, when I started to get a little anxious. Dottie had a secret, and if she didn’t spill, it was going to explode. I knew it was coming—I knew it. I mean, Meghan Quinn dishes out powerful emotions like helpings of potato salad at a backyard barbecue for crying out loud. Even though I was braced for it, I was still utterly gutted by what this couple went through. Thankfully Quinn doesn’t let her readers linger in the misery and mistakes of her characters for too long before she heals characters and readers alike.

The Lineup was a slow-burning, sweet and tender love story chock full of all the feels. All. Of. Them. Meghan Quinn masterfully delivered a story that was both charming yet emotionally devastating. I laughed, swooned, blushed and bawled my way through this book, and I loved every single second of it. Five smooches from me for The Lineup by Meghan Quinn!

~Danielle Palumbo




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