Dec 02

The Virgin Gift by Lauren Blakely Review


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I might still carry my V-card, but I know exactly what I want in a man. Smart, charming and oh-so-skilled. Too bad I haven’t found him yet.

But maybe he’s found me. .

Because when my charming, laid-back, next-door neighbor discovers a secret list I keep, he volunteers to work through every single item on it. .

Including the last one — at the end, we walk away and stay friends. .

I say yes to his offer, and that’s when I discover another side to him. .

A side I adore. A side I crave. He’s commanding, intense, and everything I’ve ever wanted. .

But as we check things off one by one, I find myself breaking the most important rule of all. And I have no idea what it will do to my heart.

* * * * * * * * * *


Lauren Blakely has done it again with a passionate, playful best-friends-to-lovers romance in The Virgin Gift. Part of the Gift series, Blakely pushes boundaries and tries something new and exciting in this After Dark series of standalone romances. I’ve come to adore this author’s light-hearted, easy-reading contemporary romances and romantic comedies, but through this series, I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for Blakely’s storytelling abilities.

Nina and Adam are best friends and neighbors. They share the same circle of friends, they share the same geeky interests, and they have an easy, uncomplicated friendship. Nina has some secrets—one she’d like to shed and others she’d like to explore. Devising a plan to do just that, she jots down a lusty little list, which Adam happens to stumble upon. Turns out that Adam has a secret of his own, and he’s determined to convince Nina that he’s the honey she needs to help with her to-do list.

Blakely bridged the gap between friends and lovers with more than heat in The Virgin Gift. This was an addictively swoon-worthy love story brimming with heart and hope. Nina and Adam’s story was fun, fiery and full of feels, and I simply couldn’t put it down. Five smooches from me for The Virgin Gift by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo




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