Jun 22

To See You by Rachel Blaufeld Review


4.5 Smooches

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What is it about this guy?

On paper, he’s one hundred percent wrong for me. His e-mails are equal parts annoying and funny.

Okay, more funny than annoying. More like refreshing. Different. Exciting.

But as I stand next to him now, he’s giving me head-to-toe tingles, and I find myself dwelling on his e-mails.

Meet smart, sexy career girl and New York snob, Charli Richards. She has everything except happiness until the day she meets Layton Griffin. It’s a random encounter on an airplane; it couldn’t mean anything, right?

Layton isn’t even remotely close to who Charli sees herself hooking up with . . . ever. Her mom and best friend agree he’s not for her, but he makes her feel something exciting, awakens her world.

But then Layton changes, going to great lengths for Charli to see him for who he really is.

Will those changes bring them closer together, or will she never be able to see him in the same way again?


‘I was legitimately addicted to a woman I couldn’t have . . . not to mention she didn’t want me.’

To See You by Rachel Blaufeld is a wonderfully different kind of a story. But that is something Rachel excels at. She seems to be excellent at not only giving you a story you didn’t know you wanted but also making you fall in love with characters you never thought you would love. I fell head over heels in love with Lay, chubby and all.

‘When did Layton become so irresistibly bossy? And when did I start to love it?’

Charli and Layton meet on an airplane and in her new your girl bitchiness she instantly writes him off. He is not fit and she has no time for someone like that. Her job as a fitness editor for on online publication means she is in top shape and she always assumed her partner in life would have the same dedication. The two of them keep up over email and at time it is awkward and hard to read but all of it is necessary Let’s be real here for a second and let me tell you that for a good part of this story Charli has bitchy tendencies and she hurts Lay over and over again. But Lay’s desire and need for her never waivers. I loved him and to be honest I fell for her too.  Charli needs to go through it all to understand how she really feels. I came to understand and sympathize with her.

‘To be honest, I was famished for her, I was so fucking starving for this woman.’

I could not put this book down. Layton stole my heart and Rachel had me completely entranced. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to reads something fresh and new. I promise  you won’t be let down.