Feb 08

Undone: An Outside The Cage Novella by A.S. Teague Review

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5 Smooches!

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After promising to complete the bucket list, we set off on the adventure of a life time. But, with every new excursion, a new set of problems arise.

We may be doing it for him, but we’re losing ourselves with each task completed. Can we keep our promises without ruining each other?


I loved A.S. Teague’s debut novel, Undisputed, the love story of MMA fighter, Breccan Carlisle, and Sidney O’Neil. I fell hard for the couple and their story, and it was one of the books that took me most by surprise in 2016. Way more than just a fighter novel, it was poignant and emotional and so sexy. I finished that novel wanting more of that couple and their story. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one, and A.S. Teague has heeded the call by giving readers this fantastic novella.

Undone starts off with a bang, getting right down to it with Breccan and Sidney as they embark on another adventure to tick off the items on her beloved nephew, Connor’s, bucket list. While there was more levity in this novella than there was in Undisputed, there were still some very emotional moments along with plenty of happy developments.

This novella was everything that I hoped for and wanted in an update on Sidney and Breccan’s happily ever after. It was steamy, loving and moving. A.S. Teague’s Undone: An Outside The Cage Novella gets five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo