May 15

Waltz on the Wild Side by Alana Albertson Review


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Two ballroom superstars from different corners of the world. Former best friends now sworn bitter rivals.

The dance I choreographed won an Emmy—but someone else claimed it.
The man I loved just got engaged—but another woman is wearing his ring.
I’m the reigning world champion ballroom dancer—but I’m not “TV material.”
I’m too curvy.
I’m too short.
I’m too real.
Fuck Hollywood.
I’m no longer hiding behind the wings. I’m no longer letting people steal my life.
I’m ready for my turn in the spotlight—no matter what the consequences.

I left my country, my home, my language, my heart.
For a chance to have a life in America—live without prejudice and pain.
For freedom, I’ve given my heart and soul.
Love now means nothing to me but success and security.
Until I met him—the long haired rock and roll drummer with a boyish grin.
True love and acceptance will destroy everything I’ve worked for.
I’m ready for my chance for happiness – no matter what the consequences.


If you are a fan of the show “Dancing with the Stars”, then this is the book for you! “Waltz on the Wild Side” is pretty much a behind the scenes play by play of the ballroom dancing competition. The book alternates POV between Salome and Vika, former best friends and now bitter rivals. After years of competing in the ballroom circuit, they now go head to head on network television. Salome has always been the underdog of the dance world. Too short and too heavy, she is constantly overlooked despite her talent. Ever since coming to America from Ukraine, Vika has had to fight to get to the top and she has not always followed the rules to get there. Her marriage to a man more than twice her age has been amazing for her career but she isn’t happy. During a season of “Dancing Under the Stars”, both of their lives will change forever.

This book started slowly for me. The main focus of the story is the two girls and the male characters really take a secondary role. Both Salome and Vika are pretty flawed and I had an especially hard time with Vika, although, she does redeem herself a bit in the end. I felt a real lack of romance and by about the 60% mark there wasn’t much in sight. In spite of the slow start, the story does pick up and there is enough drama to keep the pages turning. This is definitely not a steamy romance but more of a chick-lit, tongue-in-cheek look at the ballroom dance/reality show world.



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