Jun 15

Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl by Max Monroe Review



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Raquel and Harrison sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

First comes love.

Then comes marriage.

Then comes a baby in the baby carriage.

That’s how her brother used to sing it when we were kids—a simple ploy to get under my skin and make me stick my fist in his face—but man oh man, did he get the order wrong.

One night of “kissing” in New York catapulted us straight to the pregnancy portion of the song—surprise!—and now I have to figure out how to carry out the whole melody in reverse.

A baby on the way first.

Then love and marriage?

It’s complicated on its best day.

But our situation is far more problematic than just a simple twist of nursery rhyme lyrics. Before our night together, Raquel Weaver was the best-known good girl in Hollywood—a twenty-nine-year-old sexpot virgin whom the world adored and watched like a hawk.

Obviously, the consequences of that kind of reputation don’t just go away. Add in pregnancy hormones, the media, a fake fiancé, and a selfish manager, and you have the short list of my problems.

As a thirty-four-year-old, successful CFO of a multibillion-dollar media conglomerate, I thought I would be able to handle anything show business could throw my way, but I’m starting to think I might be in over my head.

Good thing I’m all in.

Winning Hollywood’s goodest girl is going to take everything I’ve got.

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I love a Max Monroe romantic comedy, especially when the hero is one of their core group of charming and lovable billionaires. Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl is Harrison Hughes’ romance. As the final single male of the group, Harrison has been along for the wild rides that were his friends’ romances, but pursuing a relationship in the unforgiving, unrelenting spotlight of Hollywood might be the wildest ride yet.

I absolutely loved Rocky and Harrison together. They had a sweet childhood history together, and it made for a naturally comfortable vibe between them that, as adults now, was also thick with attraction. Rocky’s life in the Hollywood spotlight is full of backstabbing, manipulation and deceit. Harrison rolled with every punch and plot twist thrown his way, and he became her rock in an irresistibly swoon-worthy way. He was solid, he was steady, he was confident, and he quickly became Rocky’s person. I melted right along with her at each display of his unwavering strength on her behalf and support of her.

A surprise-baby, fake fiancé and childhood friends-to-lovers romance complete with an underhanded movie-style villain make Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl a fun, flirty and fiery read. Witty banter and white-hot chemistry fuel the build-up of Rocky and Harrison’s relationship, and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next in this unputdownable romantic comedy. Five smooches from me for Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl by Max Monroe!

~Danielle Palumbo






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