Jan 14

Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds Review


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Chrissie doesn’t have time for guys, hot or otherwise; most days, she barely has time to sleep. With a thriving bakery that demands her attention and plenty of proof that relationships aren’t worth the trouble, she’s content to go it alone. Too bad she’s unwittingly baited Mr. Tall, Dark, and Way Too Gorgeous—and he’s just waiting for a chance to bite.

Gaston is used to getting what he wants, but he also knows nothing good ever comes easy. From the moment he meets Chrissie, he realizes that this woman who makes him laugh, smells like cupcakes, and looks like a tasty snack is going to be his greatest challenge. And if he’s lucky, she’ll be his biggest reward.

But someone else wants to catch Gaston at all costs—even if it means endangering the lives of the people he loves. Somehow Gaston must thwart danger and convince Chrissie that he’s the perfect catch.

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I’m a big Aurora Rose Reynolds fan, and I love her brand of alpha hero. I love the heroines she pairs them with, and her stories always deliver the perfect blend of sweet and steam to produce that addictive BOOM! that makes my heart happy. Low on the angst, heavy on the sweet and the swoon, Reynolds creates these completely addictive romances that are easy-to-read, sexy and drama-free.

Baiting Him is the second story in Reynolds’ How to Catch an Alpha series. Chrissie owns a successful bakery, and if it isn’t a cupcake, she doesn’t really have time for it. Gaston, or Gus as everyone calls him, is a successful nightclub owner and knows a thing or two about being busy between running his three clubs. But he also knows a good thing when he sees it, and after their first meeting, he pulled out every swoon-worthy move to get her attention. But Chrissie’s been down this road before, she knows guys like Gus aren’t for her, she’s been chewed up and spit out by them before, and she’s not up for that again. Their undeniable chemistry and the witty banter bouncing back and forth between them is Chrissie’s first clue that there is more to Gus than meets the eye. If his good looks weren’t enough, the gentle way he treats her and his determination start to wear her down, and she’s a complete goner when she meets his aptly named little dog, LeFou.

Aurora Rose Reynolds totally brings the boom in Baiting Him with a low-angst, light-hearted, feel good story with all of the sweet and sexy romance readers love from her. Gaston was a determined hero who knew exactly what he wanted and pulled out every swoon-worthy move to get her attention. I absolutely loved watching this couple fall in love, and I was totally swept up in their romance as I devoured this book in a day. Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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