Oct 17

Bottoms Up by Holly Renee Review

Holly Renee - Bottoms Up cover image



From the moment I met him, I knew he was trouble.

He was reckless, cocky, and everything I shouldn’t want.

I had a life all figured out, and Tucker Moore was not a part of the plan.

But somehow I slipped.

One moment I had it all under control.

The next I was spiraling around him, begging him for whatever he would give me.

But as quickly as I fell for him, it all crumbled around us.

Because everything I thought I knew was far from the truth.

There was only one way to fix what we had done.

So I turned my world Bottoms Up.


This is the second book I’ve read by Holly Renee and the second time I’ve been impressed by her writing. She has a way of stringing her words together that just flows so eloquently and easily. This author has tremendous talent, and I’m already looking forward to more from her.

I really loved Tucker. Extremely protective of Kennedy, Tucker was also a dirty-talking, confident alpha wrapped up in a southern gentleman’s package making him one very swoon-worthy hero. This man was smitten with Kennedy right from the start and wasn’t shy about it. Kennedy was sassy and a bit nerdy, but she was working on confidence and self-esteem, things she struggled with as a result of years of what can only be described as verbal abuse from the awful people that were her family. She was a gifted photographer working hard to build her business despite pressure from her parents to pursue a degree and what they considered to be a real career.

Holly Renee surprised me with the depth of emotion she packed into this story. She managed to balance the angst and drama effectively, though, with quick wit and plenty of heat. But it was the love story here that was the star of the show, and this memorable couple was so sweet and sexy together. A fantastic cast of side characters rounded out this story into the richly developed, pleasure to read that it was. Bottoms Up by Holly Renee gets four and a half smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo