Jul 16

Cupids Anonymous by Lila Monroe Review


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Readers around the world are raving over USA Today bestselling author Lila Monroe’s hilarious romantic comedies. Now fall in love with her brand new sizzling standalone – perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Christina Lauren!

Poppy Hathaway is a professional Cyrano – minus the honking great nose. Need a love note, raunchy sext, or apology letter so epic that your other half will forget you hesitated a beat too long when you asked, ‘does this make me look fat?’? She’s got you covered. But when her most frequent client, the annoyingly charming (or is that charmingly annoying?) Dylan Griffin comes to her with an unconventional new job, Poppy discovers that three little words can add up to one big complication.

Because Dylan doesn’t want help seducing another swimsuit model (for once in his life). He wants Poppy’s help winning over her his high-school crush (aka, his one true love) – and he’s prepared to make it worth her while. Throw in a summer Catskills trip that’s equal parts ‘Dirty Dancing’ and dirty-talking, and this Cupid is soon out of her depth – and head over heels with the last man she expected. But can she find the right words when it comes to her own heart? Or will this happily ever end in disaster?

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I’ve read many of few of Lila Monroe’s romantic comedies, and I always enjoy them. She perfectly balances the heat in her stories with her wicked sense of humor and entertaining plots without heavy angst or drama resulting in light-hearted, easy-reading romances. Monroe’s writing style always manages to pull me right into the story with vivid descriptions and interesting details blended into imaginative storylines full of fun side characters. Her sexy romcoms are always an entertaining reading experience.

Cupids Anonymous is the first book in her new Cupids series. A modern-day Cyrano, the heroine, Poppy, helps communication-challenged romantics profess their love through the written word to their significant others. Anniversary poems, love letters, proposals, wedding toasts—Poppy has it covered. Dylan, a rich playboy hotel CEO, is her most active client.

Dylan and Poppy’s relationship has always been strictly professional, until one shot-filled, truth or dare inspired night culminating in a hot make-out session. With obvious chemistry now sparking between them, it makes the fact that Dylan has hired her to help him land the girl of his high-school-boyhood dreams a bit complicated. Filled with rapid-fire, witty banter and enough steam to fill a sauna, Poppy and Dylan’s relationship shifts from the professional to friends and then to something much more.

Full of humor and heat, Cupids Anonymous by Lila Monroe was an entertaining, amusing, pleasure to read, and it gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo




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