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Goodnight, Nic by Marley Jacobs Review


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Twenty-four-year-old Nicole Fletcher is having a rough summer. The woman who raised her is dying and there’s nothing she can do about it. Nothing but find solace in the forbidden fantasies starring her best friend’s younger brother. Nic knows there are some lines you can never cross – but when it comes to “little” Landon Pike, she kind of already has. She tries to stay away but when your world is falling apart, you can’t help but fall right along with it. Good thing Landon refuses to let her fall alone.



Nicole is going through a really really rough time. The woman who raised her and is basically her mum is dying and all she can do is sit by and watch. The only thing that is keeping her distracted the fantasies she is having of Landon, who also happens to be her best friends little brother. But despite her bed to resist, Landon has a way of also making her melt. What she doesn’t know is Landon doesn’t just want to distract Nic, he wants to be the person who catches her when she falls, to make her smile and to wake up next to her everyday. Will Nic allow her fears, doubts, and grief to stand in the way of her chance of a HEA? 

“I can’t think. Not about why I’m here. About Lorraine. About Cancer. About the many reasons why this is wrong, so very wrong. I can’t think about anything. I only feel Landon –and the feeling is so exquisite, it hurts.”

This has been one of my favourite romance reads in years! The writing was poetic, flowing, and captivating and the relationship between Nic and Landon was beautiful and real. I absolutely adored this story, so much so, I was devouring it so quickly I kept forgetting to highlight my favourite parts to use in this review. 

“I get that you feel torn about this but you’re going to have to figure things out because now that I finally have your attention, I’m going to make sure I keep it.” 

There were two main reasons I loved this story, and one of those reasons is the characters, not just Nic and Landon (who I will come onto in a minute) but all the supporting ones as well. Lorraine was a beautiful woman. So strong, so funny, so caring and kind. To be facing a terminal cancer diagnosis but still being able to bring a smile and laughter told you how beautiful she was inside and out. Sybil was hilarious and also strong. Aubrey was funny, dramatic in a good way, supportive and a great best friend. Mike, Julie, even the twins added an extra element to the story that just made me love it more. 

“I have wanted you for so long. So many nights building you up in my head, building us up. And then you let me have you and the earth fucking moves. And every time we’re together I’m battling the guilt you use to make us into something wrong. Or almost as bad, something casual. You wipe me off your body like you’re dusting dirt off your hands when I know what I do to you. I can feel it.”

Now are main hero and heroine. Nic was so relatable. She is going through such an awful, terrible situation and although she sometimes crumbled under the overwhelming sadness of it all, she never let it overtake her completely. She was strong, funny, capable, smart and beautiful in a very down to earth kind of way. It didn’t even bother me that she kept going on about the age difference issue (in my mind 4 years is not a bit deal at all) because you could feel her pain and also understand her reluctance as she really didn’t want to hurt anyone. Landon, ah Landon, Landon, Landon. He has possible become one of my favourite males in romance reads. He was also funny, (yes in this book there are a lot of funny characters), so so soooo sexy (the sex scenes are seriously off the charts kind of hot) and very alpha in the best way. His love for Nic was a thing of fairytales, his dedication and determination to not let Nic run away. It was beautiful, and although fairytale like in the way he loved her the author still managed to make it real and not impossible to believe in. 

“I told her I would look out for you.” He continues to talk as he moves towards me. “I told her that I’ve loved you since I was six-years old and that I would love you until the end of time.”

In terms of the perfectly written plot, you are given exactly what you are looking for in a pure, romance read. There was heartbreak, not just the romance kind though.  The relationship between Lorraine and Nic was so lovely and yet so heartbreaking to read, as you know what is coming. But we also are given many happy, light moments that really did make me smile. The chemistry between Landon and Nic is some of the best I’ve ever read, it was so sexy and hot. The friendships, the family dynamics- it just all came together in an intricately and beautiful  written story, for what I am calling my best read of 2017 so far and one of my all time favourite romance reads! 



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