Making Sense by Lila Rose Review



Adalyn Sage.

I’m thirty-seven, a mother, a divorcee, and I’m ready to date again.
I need a man willing to love me for who I am, despite what size I am. Only finding such a guy is harder than it’s cracked up to be. Afterall, I’m a little clumsy and just a tad outspoken… that is unless I’m in front of a man so good-looking my panties melt. Then I become an absolute weirdo.

Case in point: Vice Salvatore. Stunning. Growly. And also my boss.
Thank God his a**hole attitude put my racing heart at ease and changed my lust to hate.

Nope. I don’t care for him. Won’t. I’ll continue to ignore my ladybits and stay strong.

At least for a while.



I loved Lila Rose’s first romantic comedy, Making Changes, so I was excited to get my hands on Making Sense. I was truly impressed with her ability to shift gears from the MC romances that she’s known for into a totally different trope. She did an amazing job, and she’s a natural. This series, while standalone novels, center on a group of friends, and although it is not necessary to read Making Changes before Making Sense, you really don’t want to miss that story—it was fantastic.

Like Making Changes, Making Sense features a curvy heroine. A single mom in her late thirties, Addy is divorced from her cheating ex-husband and is trying to jumpstart her jewelry business while also working a side job as a clerk in an adult store. Vice Salvatore is the owner of the store where she works, and their first meeting, at least for Addy, did not go well. For Vice, however, it was an altogether different experience.

Vice fell hard and fast for Addy, and he made moves to put her in his orbit after that meeting. Addy was hilarious with her nervous flustering in the presence of this sexy man. While she is happy with where she is in her life, and she’s comfortable in her own skin, she has a bit of trouble, at least at first, grasping the concept that Vice could be interested in her. He does a great job convincing her of his interest, and these two made a solid, loving couple that it was easy to root for once she got over that hump. One of the things I loved most about this couple was lack of external drama and the maturity with which they handled the problems that did arise. I really liked how they dealt with everything together instead of turning on each other.

Lila Rose has done it again with another fabulous romantic comedy.  I smiled from ear-to-ear, I swooned, I blushed, and I loved every single word of Making Sense! I love this group of friends, I love these romances, and I love the humor she builds into these stories. Whether you’re new to this author or a fan of her MC romances, her romantic comedies are absolutely not to be missed.  Making Sense by Lila Rose gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo