THE BROOD, a new age-gap, forced proximity, roommates-to-lovers romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author, Devney Perry, is available now!

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Two months in Montana. Two months with Wilder Abbott. Two months to push a few of his buttons and boundaries. Hmm. Maybe this would be fun after all…



small town, forced proximity, age gap romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Devney Perry.

The last thing Wilder Abbott needs is a houseguest. Solitude has been his stoic companion for nearly a decade. He prefers to brood over his mistakes in seclusion. Besides, he gets enough social interaction as a high school science teacher in Calamity, Montana.

But when his oldest friend calls, begging for a favor, Wilder begrudgingly agrees. For the next two months, he’ll give up his guest room to his friend’s little sister.

Iris Monroe isn’t the girl Wilder remembers. Gone is the shy, quiet mouse ten years his junior who always had her nose in a book. Grown-up Iris talks too much and asks too many questions, especially about his past. And her bright smile and clear blue eyes are hard to ignore.

Two months. He just has to survive two months. Except Iris is as nosy as she is beautiful. And his secrets prove hard to hide when she’s living under his roof.




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“…a total page-turner full of heart and heat.” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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Goose bumps covered my arms and legs. The air had a chill, but the shiver that raced down my spine wasn’t from the cold. It was from Wilder’s withering gaze.

His eyes were narrowed in a harsh stare. They were intensely dark, like the blackest of coffee, and the same color as his hair. That neatly trimmed beard didn’t disguise the clench of his chiseled jaw.

If there was ever an expression that screamed UNWELCOME, it was all over Wilder Abbott’s face.

Shit. Why was I here? Why on earth did Danny think this would be a good idea?

I squared my shoulders and raised my chin, pretending to be immune to his intimidating glare.

“Hey, Wilder.” I smiled and held out a hand, the stack of mixed metal bracelets on my wrist clinking.

His gaze dropped to my hand, then lifted to my face. The scowl didn’t waver. “Iris Monroe.” A statement now, not the question it had been the first time he’d said it in that gravelly baritone.

“Yes.” I gave him a single nod. “Iris Monroe.”

He scanned me head to toe. When he reached my Gucci Peggy gold platform rainbow sneakers—my happy shoes—his nostrils flared.

Nice. It wasn’t the first time someone from my youth had stared too long and too hard at my tattoos or my hair or my clothes. Considering Wilder was Danny’s best friend, I should have expected this. Yet it pissed me off all the same.

I snapped the fingers of my still outstretched hand. “Now that my identity is no longer in question, are you going to shake my hand or just stand there?”

His jaw ticked again, then his large hand engulfed mine. “Iris Monroe.”

“How many times are you going to say my name, Wilder Abbott?” I asked as he let go of my hand.

Wilder cocked his head to the side.

It was . . . sexy.

Wait. No. Absolutely not. Wilder Abbott was not sexy.




About Devney Perry:

Devney Perry is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of over forty romance novels. After working in the technology industry for a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to pursue her passion for writing. She was born and raised in Montana and now lives in Washington with her husband and two sons. 

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