REVIEW: The Brood by Devney Perry


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A small town, forced proximity, age gap romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Devney Perry.

The last thing Wilder Abbott needs is a houseguest. Solitude has been his stoic companion for nearly a decade. He prefers to brood over his mistakes in seclusion. Besides, he gets enough social interaction as a high school science teacher in Calamity, Montana.

But when his oldest friend calls, begging for a favor, Wilder begrudgingly agrees. For the next two months, he’ll give up his guest room to his friend’s little sister.

Iris Monroe isn’t the girl Wilder remembers. Gone is the shy, quiet mouse ten years his junior who always had her nose in a book. Grown-up Iris talks too much and asks too many questions, especially about his past. And her bright smile and clear blue eyes are hard to ignore.

Two months. He just has to survive two months. Except Iris is as nosy as she is beautiful. And his secrets prove hard to hide when she’s living under his roof.

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The Brood is the sixth book in Devney Perry’s Calamity, Montana series, and her storytelling prowess shines brightly in this age-gap, roommates-to-lovers, forced proximity romance. Perry is known for her Montana-based romances, and her ability to transport her readers to this picturesque state through her vividly descriptive prose. Her natural skill in creating authentic, relatable characters and weaving them into a compelling narrative is one of the reasons I continue to reach for her books.

The characters were very well developed, their chemistry jumps off the pages, and I loved the dynamic between the moody, broody hero, Wilder Abbott, and the bubbly, vivacious social media influencer, Iris Monroe. She is the sunshine to his grump and wants to bring him out of his shell, which he wants no part of it. All of that tension smolders below the surface as their romance builds up, and when it finally ignites in a blazing inferno of feels and fire. Perry’s writing is beautifully evocative, and she captured all of that emotion and passion and drew me right into Iris and Wilder’s romance in a completely engrossing way.

Devney Perry’s The Brood is an utterly addictive age-gap, roommates-to-lovers, forced proximity romance. Perry expertly balanced the multi-trope storyline, using them to add depth and complexity, and created a captivating story in the process. Perfectly paced and engaging from start to finish, this was a total page-turner full of heart and heat. Five smooches from me for The Brood by Devney Perry!

~Danielle Palumbo



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