REVIEW: One-Week Wingman by Lila Monroe



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Fake date. Real trouble. Fall for a new trope-tactic, fake dating rom-com read from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

Sebastian Wainwright is handsome, British, and charming… and the last man you can rely on. Bartending at Mavericks, I’ve seen his love-em-and-leave-em routine up close, and I know better than to become another notch on his king-sized bedpost. But when a little white lie catches up with me, it turns out that Seb is exactly the man I need for the job…

Posing my fake boyfriend for the week.

See, I invented The Perfect Man (TM) to keep my interfering family off my case, but now I’m back home for my high-school reunion, my sister is (surprise!) engaged to my ex, and I’m first in line to win Biggest Disappointment. I need Mr. Perfect to roll up and save me from humiliation, and since he doesn’t exist, I’ll just have to settle for New York’s biggest playboy instead.

A cocktail of disaster? That’s what I figure, but as we’re swept up in small-town shenanigans, family drama, and tipsy treehouse takedowns (don’t ask), I find there’s more to Seb than just charm and come-to-bed-eyes. A whole lot more. But when the week is up, will our fake date arrangement become something real? Or is our flirty fling destined to remain fiction?

Find out in the new hot and hilarious rom-com from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

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I’ve read all of of Lila Monroe’s romantic comedies, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. A pro at balancing the heat in her stories with her sense of humor, she turns out stories built on entertaining, imaginative plots without heavy angst or unnecessary drama. She pull readers into the story with vivid descriptions, interesting details and fun side characters. I know going into one of her romcoms that I’ll be enjoying a light-hearted, easy-reading romance and a consistently entertaining reading experience.

A charming fake-date romcom featuring a friends-to-lovers, workplace romance between NYC bar owner, Sebastian, and his bartender, Roxy. Sebastian was a swoon-worthy, seriously sexy hero with a heart of gold. Despite his playboy ways, deep down he was looking for love and his person. Roxy was sassy, spirited, and smart, but she’s been cast in the role of the black sheep of her family. If she’s being honest with herself, she is a little lost, but her family’s constant comments and criticisms about her choices and her career aren’t helping. She’s set to return home for an extended stay including several family events AND her 10 year high school reunion—and another round of condemnations and disapprovals from her family—and dreading it. She needs a buffer in the form of a fake boyfriend, and who better to fill the role but Sebastian.

Full of humor and heat, One-Week Wingman by Lila Monroe was an engaging and amusing pleasure to read. Roxy and Sebastian were such endearing characters, and their witty banter and hilarious antics amped up the charm and comedy of this romance. But it was their chemistry, connection and the unfolding realization that there was a whole lot more to their relationship than friendship made this an irresistible romance. One-Week Wingman by Lila Monroe gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo



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