REVIEW: The Way I Hate Him by Meghan Quinn


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Why am I holding a box of stolen memorabilia formerly owned by my ex-boyfriend’s boss in my arms? It’s called . . . revenge.

After failing my last semester for my masters degree, I decided to come back to my hometown of Almond Bay and wallow in self pity while my boyfriend told me everything was going to be okay. To my dismay, instead of open arms, he greeted me with a box to move my things.

Now I’m not a petty person, but when he told me he broke up with me because I was boring, there’s only so much of the higher road I can take. Hence the box of memorabilia I took from him.

The plan? To give it back to his boss, who happens to be my brother’s nemesis, and get the ex fired. But plans never go the way you want them, because instead of dropping off the box with a note, I’m pinned with the crime by Hayes Farrow himself.

And because my life is so pathetic, he gives me two options: turn me into the police and press full charges or . . . work it off. How could I possibly work for someone I can’t stand? Easy, I don’t look good in orange.

But working for Hayes isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. The hate I had for him begins to turn into something else – something deeper, something I never thought I’d feel.

Unfortunately there are still old grudges and family drama to deal with. And what happens when my brother finds out that I’m working for the guy he hates more than anyone else in the world? Will I be able to follow my heart or will the way I hate him blind me from the love I feel?

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Meghan Quinn kicks off a new small-town series with The Way I Hate Him, a brother’s-former-best-friend, rock-star, age-gap, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy. Quinn’s writing is filled with humor, heart and a generous dose of steam, making for a perfect blend of romance and comedy. If you’re a fan of the enemies-to-lovers trope and quirky small-town settings, this book is a not-to-be-missed, must-read. I listened to the audiobook which was narrated in dual POV by Teddy Hamilton and Vanessa Edwin. I’ve listened to many audiobooks narrated by this pair, and their natural chemistry is simply incredible. Their performances were absolutely on point, and they delivered a wide range of emotions that brought both of these characters to life in my ears.

Set in Almond Bay, a charming small town full of interesting side characters including a matriarchal band of busy-body old biddies and a meddling grandmother, the story follows Hayes, a moody, broody rock star who’s back in his hometown to regroup, write and spend time with his grandmother, and Hattie, the youngest sister of his ex-best-friend and the ex-girlfriend of his recently fired assistant. There was some deep emotion to wade through here for both Hattie and Hayes, and those heartstring-pulling, tender moments really balanced out the humorous ones. The witty banter and sizzling chemistry between the main characters make for an engaging read that kept me smiling, swooning and rooting for their love to triumph.

Meghan Quinn has crafted a romcom gem in The Way I Hate Him. The characters are well-developed and endearing, each with their own quirks and vulnerabilities that make them feel real and relatable, and the small-town setting added plenty of charm and depth to the story. As Hayes and Hattie’s animosity morphs into an irresistible attraction, I found myself completely invested in their journey and unable to put the book down. A heartwarming, funny and thoroughly entertaining enemies-to-lovers romcom, The Way I Hate Him left me with a huge smile and an unnecessary reminder of why I love Meghan Quinn’s storytelling so much. Five smooches from me for The Way I Hate Him by Meghan Quinn!

~Danielle Palumbo



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