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THE WAY I HATE HIM, an all-new enemies-to-lovers, small-town romantic comedy from USA Today Bestselling Author, Meghan Quinn, is available now!

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Will I be able to follow my heart or will the way I hate him blind me from the love I feel?



Why am I holding a box of stolen memorabilia formerly owned by my ex-boyfriend’s boss in my arms? It’s called . . . revenge.

After failing my last semester for my masters degree, I decided to come back to my hometown of Almond Bay and wallow in self pity while my boyfriend told me everything was going to be okay. To my dismay, instead of open arms, he greeted me with a box to move my things.

Now I’m not a petty person, but when he told me he broke up with me because I was boring, there’s only so much of the higher road I can take. Hence the box of memorabilia I took from him.

The plan? To give it back to his boss, who happens to be my brother’s nemesis, and get the ex fired. But plans never go the way you want them, because instead of dropping off the box with a note, I’m pinned with the crime by Hayes Farrow himself.

And because my life is so pathetic, he gives me two options: turn me into the police and press full charges or . . . work it off. How could I possibly work for someone I can’t stand? Easy, I don’t look good in orange.

But working for Hayes isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. The hate I had for him begins to turn into something else – something deeper, something I never thought I’d feel.

Unfortunately there are still old grudges and family drama to deal with. And what happens when my brother finds out that I’m working for the guy he hates more than anyone else in the world? Will I be able to follow my heart or will the way I hate him blind me from the love I feel?




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“A heartwarming, funny and thoroughly entertaining enemies-to-lovers romcom…” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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“Thank you for dinner, by the way. Would you consider this to be our first date?”

He shakes his head as he stands next to me, not taking a seat either. “Nah, I’d need to pick you up, bring you flowers, the works. Make it official.”

“You don’t have to bring me flowers, but I bet Mac would like some.”

“Yeah, get on her good side?” He smirks. “But to answer your question, this is just a hangout.”

I love that smirk so much. It’s odd seeing him use it so freely. It makes me realize how guarded he was before. It was so rare to see his smile. But this Hayes, he’s relaxed, like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, and I’m sure it has. “Okay, so when is our first date?”

He picks at the cheese on his pizza. “Whenever you’re free.”

“Do you think I have a complicated calendar? I just got done crying in my sister’s room for a week. I’m pretty free.”

His lips soften. “How about tomorrow night?”

“Wow, don’t you think that’s a little soon?” He gives me an exhausted look, and I chuckle. “Just kidding, that would be perfect. What do you have planned? Do I need to dress up?”

“Nothing fancy,” he says. “But you know . . . if you want to wear a dress like you wore when you were at Sozzled, I won’t be mad about it.”

“Ooo, you liked that, did you?”

He nods, the sultriness in his eyes making me feel all warm inside. “I did. You looked really pretty.”

Really pretty.

Can’t tell you the last time someone said that to me. Matt never doled out any compliments.

Head tilted down, I quietly say, “Thank you.”

His finger lifts my chin as he says, “You know, you blush a lot. It makes me think you’re shy around me.”

“I wouldn’t say shy.” He releases me as I wipe my fingers on my napkin and pick up my Diet Coke to take a sip. “But you know . . . I’ve never been spoken to how you speak to me. You’re honest—well, when you’re not trying to push me away—”

“Not because I wanted to,” he adds.

“I know. But you’re honest. You say what’s on your mind, and before, with Matt or any other guy I’ve dated, they weren’t particularly vocal about my looks. They rarely complimented me. Not that I needed them to survive, but it’s always nice to hear every once in a while. So yeah, I might blush because I’m not used to someone telling me I’m pretty or that they liked my dress.” I shrug, feeling awkward.

His brow pulls together. “Those boys you were with before clearly didn’t know how to treat you the way you deserve. Their loss, my gain.”

And that’s the kind of answer I’d expect from Hayes. He’s passionate and possessive, everything Matt was not. I know this will be different. I have a feeling that being with Hayes will be unprecedented, and I’m excited to see where it goes.




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