Jan 24

Very Irresistible Playboy by Lila Monroe Review



Welcome to Billionaire Bachelors Inc, where the sexiest men in the city are about to meet their match..

Hot bachelor Max Carlisle is heir to a media empire, tabloid catnip, and… wants to hire me to be his fake fiancee. I know what it takes to keep a billionaire in line, but signing up for seven days in close quarters with this Very Irresistible Playboy? It’s just asking for trouble. The kind of thrilling, reckless trouble I could use a little more of since my career is currently ass-backwards in a mud bath with six shih-tzus (don’t ask).

So do I:
a) Take the job, and bicker wildly every step of the way?
b) Embark on a mad-cap treasure hunt to claim his billion-dollar inheritance?
c) Try my hardest not to fall head-over-heels in love with him and wind up having the best sex of my life?
d) All of the above?

Something tells me I’m about to be way out of my league… and under the most handsome, infuriating man I’ve ever met. But with a fortune on the line, can we beat out his crazy relatives to win the prize? And will our fake relationship be game over at the finish line?

Find out in the new sexy, hilarious romantic comedy from Lila Monroe!



I’ve read a few of Lila Monroe’s romantic comedies, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Heavy on the humor and heat, low on the angst and drama, her stories are a light-hearted, easy reading good time. I love Lila Monroe’s descriptive writing style. Her stories are always chock full of little details that bring the story to life in my mind, and her creative plots and interesting side characters combined with a sexy romance make for an enjoyable reading experience.

Very Irresistible Playboy is the first book in her new Billionaire Bachelors series, and I’m already looking forward to book two. This fake fiancé romance had an entertaining spin that I really liked. The heat between Max and Hallie was palpable, and while they may have initially agreed to keep things simple because of their arrangement, there was no fighting this kind of chemistry.

I came into this book nursing one heck of a book hangover courtesy of the heavy, angsty, emotional story, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to kick that hangover to the curb. This book was sexy, sweet, amusing and just plain fun to read. Very Irresistible Playboy by Lila Monroe gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo