What Emma Craves by Amanda Abbott Review


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It took a lot for Pete Slater to convince his wife, Emma, to move to the suburbs. But once she arrived, she found it had a deliciously steamy underbelly. Her neighborhood is filled with hook-ups, affairs, and scandal. But Emma and Pete have no need for all that, because they’ve built their own Pleasure Paradise inside their own home.

After all, they’ve been living the swinging lifestyle for too many years to count.

But Emma finds she isn’t satisfied any more. As she’s drawn more to what’s outside her doors than inside, it’s time to reevaluate. With help from Piper and Caroline, she decides to start exploring that place she once had with Pete when they first started dating. But to get there, it’s going to take a lot of experimentation—with and without the neighbors.

*This book is off the charts hot. It contains: explicit sex, voyeurism, and mild BDSM.


Emma and Pete have had an adventurous sex life since the day they got together; they love to mix partners and watch each other and others and they’ve always found it sexy and been strong enough to never get jealous. Emma soon starts to feel as though something isn’t quite right though, and as they head off to a exotic island that caters to the more adventurous, she can’t ignore these feelings and Pete starts to worry that maybe their marriage isn’t as strong as it seems.

“I’m so happy. This place has a magical feel about it. It’s like we’ve entered some kind of fifth dimension. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed a break from real life. This is already wonderful and calming.”

I think this is my favourite out of the series so far. An exotic island, sex, passion, romance, jealously and great secondary characters all add up to a great story.

“He’s my person, there’s no question about it. He’s my tall, blond surfer boy. I salivate every time I see him. That’s why this is so hard! I love him with all my heart and I want to stay married. I enjoy our life together—yet lately there’s something lacking. But it’s that something I can’t put my finger on.”

Emma and Pete have been my favourite lead couple to date. Emma also used to being so confident and knowing what she wants, and even when she becomes unsure of her sexual relationship with Pete she still is confident enough to know that something needs to chance. She’s sexy, passionate and modest and a woman you would want to hand out with. Pete is adorable, sexy, confident and just wants to make Emma happy. I actually felt a little sad for him when he was getting jealous over Emma and Antonio because you could feel his love for Emma.

“It’s like we”—she gestured between them again—“have lost the connection between love and sex somewhere along the way. We have sex, but there’s no love attached. I want to feel that love again. I need to feel it. I crave that connection with you.””

The plot was a lot of fun in this one. I loved the setting of the island, along with the secondary characters such as Mallory and Antonio who added much needed laughter and drama to keep the plot interesting. This story is the only one I really worried about the main couples relationship. I wasn’t sure if they were going to get through the jealously the island invoked in both and that kept it gripping but there was enough sex, romance and laughter to keep it on the lighter side of things.

“She’s all I can think about since we’ve been fighting. I’ve never seen her act like this, and it’s gotten under my skin. If we can’t fix this, it’s going to make me crazy. Sex is sex. But love is something different. I’ve chosen one woman to be with forever, and that’s Emma. Period.”

Overall a fun, sexy, interesting and romantic read that’s great for a nice, relaxing read in the sun.